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Best in Blackpool
Blackpool Pleasure Beach  is the No 1 attraction  in Blackpool and the UK with over 6 million visitors a year.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Steeplechase ride - last one in the world
Gallopers  See / hear its fairground organ on youtube - 52 Key Verbeeck
**New 2011**
View of Blackpool Pleasure Beach - Under construction - Nickleodeon Land
Sponge Bobs Splash Bash ride Opening April 2011
Infusion over the loop.
Infusion  ride at  Blackpool Pleasure Beach , painted blue & suspended over water,
Looks fantastic,next to the 'Big One' a real asset to the park.
It is a Vekoma suspended looping coaster.  Vekoma, Nertherlands

Derby Racer - restored, only 3 left in the world. The others are in the U.S.
This is a fast racing carousel without the poles- hold on tight!
Fantastic Belgium Fairground Organ - 72 Key Verbeeck
Watch/ listen to it on www.youtube.com
Steeplechase.  (Arrow)  Favourite equestrian ride.   Last one operating on the planet !
Blackpool Pleasure beach - Ocean Boulevard, Blackpool Promenade.
Wild Mouse
This is one of the last wooden Wild Mouse roller coaster operating in the World.
The other is in Australia - but cannot confirm if it is still operating.
Most probably the most extreme ride at the Pleasure Beach Blackpool. A must ride!
.........You have been warned!
Infusion at Blackpool Pleasure Beach - SLC Vekoma

Make sure your wallets & mobiles are secure!!!
Valhalla at Blackpool Pleasure Beach -
an incredible dark ride! - they have had a soaking!
This ride lasts 6 minutes! Steam & Fire, Backwards Drop, Ice room,  Water tunnel gas flames & explosions etc!
Pleasure Beach & Sandcastle Tram Stop
It is almost dusk, and the Illuminations are about to switch on,
as another Blackpool night is about to swing into action!!
The Famous Blackpool Trams waiting to transport you to and from the Pleasure Beach
Grand National Racing Coaster. Built 1935
This is one of the top wooden coasters in the World.
It features a 'mobius loop' so there is 1 track that goes around twice, so you arrive at a
different station to that you departed! Great racing element.
IMO this is what a Coaster should be - tight turns and will have you out of your seat
many times!! Bit violent for softies!!
A real treasure.